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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Romantic Living Room

EVERY room in the house can describe a person's character. The selection of colors and furniture, as well as spatial management style, a reflection of personal expression of the house owner. Soft colors, and flower motifs, often a depiction of feminine and romantic character.

The description appears in the following room. Romantic impression is felt immediately, while in the living room. Beige color was applied to the wall. Blends harmoniously with the basic color of furniture, soft pastel yellow. Coupled with much interest, which is used as an accessory room.

The flowers also "scattered" on the surface of the furniture. In this room, there is a two-seat sofa, semi-classical style. Equipped also with a glass mat table, and a display rack. All the furniture is the result of re-finish, from old furniture. The process of re-finish using acrylic paint. A sprinkling of flowers produced by hand painting.

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