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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

master bedroom interior design | Bedroom Interior Design

master bedroom interior design
Bedroom Interior Design

Master Bedroom Interior Design

Master Bedroom Indeas

Master Bedroom Decoration

How To Decorate Master Bedroom 5 Tips
How do you go about decorating a master bedroom? There are several key decisions that need to be made, and all are of equal importance in your bedroom interior design and decor.

First, determine how your furniture is going to be placed in the master bedroom. Is a sitting area a possibility in the space? What size bed do you have, or plan to have, and will it fit comfortably into the room? I have worked with clients who want to increase the size of their bed, but it doesn't fit well in their room. You want to have about two feet minimum on either side of the bed for easy access.

Determining the focal point of the room is key in decorating a master bedroom as well as other rooms. When you walk into the space where are your eyes drawn? It might be a beautiful view out a window or door wall, possibly the largest wall in the room, or it could be a lovely fireplace. Whatever the case, place the bed so that it is on the focal point wall or facing the focal point whenever possible.

You might consider painting the focal point wall an accent color, either a deeper shade of your selected wall color or another color in your palette. Just remember as you select these shades that the overall effect of decorating ideas for the master bedroom is soothing and calming.

Avoid overcrowding your master bedroom with furniture and clutter. If you have inherited an antique bedroom set that can barely be squeezed into your space, eliminate one of the pieces and use it in another room. Utilize the drawers in nightstands, dressers and the space in your closet keep thing out of sight. Scout around your house or do some shopping to find unique pieces that can be used as storage.

If your master bedroom suite is large enough to accommodate a sitting area, select a chair (or a pair of chairs) that are comfortable and upholstered, with soft edges and corners.

The next bedroom decor idea for the master bedroom is the color palette for the space. Most of the time you will find that neutral type colors on the walls work best, as they have a soothing presence. Note that 'white walls' were not mentioned. There are literally hundreds of shades of neutrals that will give warmth, interest and cohesiveness to the master bedroom decor and serve as a backdrop to the accent colors in the room.

The accent colors when decorating a master bedroom should include at least one, preferably two colors that appear in other rooms of your home. That way you are being consistent in your color scheme from room to room. It is perfectly fine to introduce a new color in the master bedroom makeover, as it gives the space personality and uniqueness.

Lighting is the next significant element in decorating a master bedroom. Generally you will have a combination of lighting. Task lighting includes a light next the the bed for reading; you'll have mood lighting, which could be a chandelier or ceiling fan with a dimmer switch. You may also have a lamp or two in the room for warm, moderate lighting. Try to stay away from one overhead light with a bright, glaring globe. Definitely not a mood setter!

The specifics of accessories such as bed dressings, window treatments and artwork are very personal, according to your home's style and decor when decorating a master bedroom. For example, having an array of pillows in varying shapes and sizes looks inviting and romantic, and would look great in many decor styles. However, if your style is contemporary to modern, it will look out of place.

Other master bedroom decor and makeover ideas include the use of small area rugs in the room, both for comfort and decor style. Window treatments should allow light in during the day but provide for privacy at night. Soften the windows/doorwalls with fabric, such as a valance or side panels. Bed dressings are available in every size, pattern and price point, so the decision there will depend upon the decor style you are creating. Not sure what your style is? Find out more here!

The most important concept for decorating a master bedroom is to make certain that you have the things you love surrounding you. When you walk into that room, you want to feel absolutely comfortable, safe and secure, and that includes seeing the artwork and accessories that you love. No matter where you live or how often you move, surrounding yourself with the things your love in the privacy of the master bedroom will help make the house your home.

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