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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lyons & Lonny & Kate - Oh My!

**Before you read this post I just want to say that I know this has already been done by La Dolce Vida and others but I wrote it before I saw the other ones and I love these stores so much I decided to post it anyways, sorry for the repeats!**

This weekend I finally got to sit and browse through Lonny and I discovered the people at Lonny really know the way to a girls heart- stores and design mixed together. In the latest issue they feature a new J. Crew store based on Jenna Lyons own home and Kate Spades new store- 2 companies that are constantly referenced in the blog world.Hello there.
The wall below makes me want to buy a ticket and fly back to NY right this second to see it in person, I am in love.
For these and many more great pieces visit Lonny Magazine.

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