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Friday, December 18, 2009

This and That

Just some quick things this morning....
I was so pleased to learn that the ole 'Ham is featured in the new Elle Decor coming out. I know the images "Alabama" can bring to the mind but Birmingham is a beautiful city with amazing homes, restaurants and shopping. It is truly a hidden gem and I am glad to be here.
It is the little things. Getting cards from clients always makes me so happy. It is a little reminder in all the madness that I get to do what I love, on my own, with people who I really care about.
Love this from Deliciously Organized.
When I saw these on Designing Life I thought they were stunning.

This week has been crazy, in fact I am on my way to the Chiropractor right now. On top of that I lost my keys 3 times for over 24 hours-found them in the microwave once (no I am not pregnant), speaking of being pregnant a client and friend whose nursery I am doing had her baby early and we are not completely finished yet (although this is a blessing, he is healthy and adorable) and in the mix of this Harry (dog) ate a half pound of bacon. What was my point? Oh yes, needless to say I want this sign found on Wanderings of a Wannabe...
Can you believe Christmas is next week?

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