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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bedroom decorating ideas with trend colors for the bedroom

Bedroom Interior Design

Greens and browns are a classic combo that’s very popular right now

Bedroom color trend is all about creating a private space to express your deepest desires. For most people, it means a retreat where we can relax and rejuvenate. Color for the bedroom borrowed from nature is the best option. Natural colors are not only beautiful, but it can provide warmth and peace when we are in it. According to Jack Bredenfoerder, the president of Color Marketing Group (CMG), “People want to simplify their lives. He saw that trend reflected in color palettes for the bedroom and throughout the home .
These are some examples of bedroom decor ideas from HGTV, about a bedroom decor with colors.

Bedroom Interior Design

Classic bedroom with a combination of light green and blue colors that reflect the sky and water

Bedroom Interior Design

CMG predicts that as time goes by, we are going to see pink move even more towards the warmer side, almost flirting with white

Bedroom Interior Design
Lavender is by nature relaxing and gives you a feeling of peace, so it’s a natural for the bedroom

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