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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My One Day "Red" Wish List

Let me start this post out by saying that I honestly don't care about labels, where something came from, any of that, I couldn't care less. If I like it and it looks good on me I don't care if it is from Chanel or Target. Don't get me wrong, there are certain brands that always appeal to me, I appreciate good quality and I love classic pieces but I am not impressed simply by a label. It maybe different if I had an infinite budget as well, but I don't and really that is fine.

With that being said....some girls dream of the little blue box, but I see red. This will be my "one day" version of what I would love to see under the tree.
The Cartier Love Bracelet in Gold, no diamonds here. I know it is by no means new and probably on the cliche side but I love it, always have. You know how I feel about watches, love love love them. With all their pretty watches I am not sure why I am drawn to a leather one, but I am.
Okay, since we are day dreaming and if I buying any of these then clearly my bank balance is different than it is today, I think I want something really funky as well.
I know what you are thinking..."This girl has a thing for felines, and weird ones at that." Don't ask me why I think this one is so great, probably because it is such a conversation piece. At any rate I would wear like it nobody's business.

For more information or to buy a gift for a random blogger with a thing for big cats visit Cartier.

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