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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Popular Furniture in Bedroom Furniture Design Inspirations

Browsing around, I got inspired by some of the top furniture, bedroom furniture picks at the Visiondecor shopping site. Let’s take a look at some design inspirations for the bedroom that I found in line with some of those popular items!

~~ bedroom furniture interior designs ~~ These are some of my picks and favorites that I found from freshome via their bedroom designs pages. I love the modern design perspective and how clean the lines are in the way these bedroom interiors are presented.

Bedroom Interior Design
I like the clean lines, but the black outlines and the round mirrors kick the style back to the early 90s, but overall a good intro to some modern bedroom interior design.
I really like the color of this one and my fav is the contrasting area rug that livens up the room.
Bedroom Interior Design

The bed linens on the platform bed defines the interior lovely.

Bedroom Interior Design

Some more of the same but this one has a more contemporary look.

Bedroom Interior Design

I love the extending part behind the headboard that becomes part of the nightstand.

Bedroom Interior Design

The hardwood floors and the contrasting back wall in a dark color nicely matches the wood theme of this contemporary bedroom interior.

A Common Denominator
I noticed that most of these interior design insights on the use of furniture among the bedroom furniture of these rooms shows that platform beds are very attractive in these modern and contemporary designs. Pretty much all of these interiors uses the platform bed as the main piece that defines the style of the room.

Bedroom Interior Design

~*~ Visiondecor Design Inspired Platform Beds *~*

Bedroom Interior Design

Metal, modern, clean lines, mmmmmmm.

Bedroom Interior Design

The walls, the wood. wow.

Bedroom Interior Design

Nature speaks in this one. The linen matched with the rich chocolate color of the wood. I esp like the drawers underneath for discreet and funcational storage. Because you don’t want clutter in a modern design and what better way to store it away the right way underneath your bed!

Platform beds are not as grand as your traditional bedroom heavy wood/luxury furniture. But it offers an updated look on getting modern interior designs. I really like just using the pictures as a guidance to design the bedroom. The pics above places great concepts in the use of furniture in the bedroom furniture floorplans that make inviting and pretty bedroom interiors.

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