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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Post: Tips to Install Wooden Venetian Blinds

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If you are looking to buy window blinds for a room that is gloomy and needs a touch of light then wooden Venetian blind is the perfect choice. They not only carry the elegance of wood, but the designer qualities of Venetian blinds too. This is another name given to the horizontal blinds that are made of thin strips of wood hung horizontally upon the window frame. One of the impressive features about these varieties of blinds is that they can be opened completely to allow maximum amount of sunlight into the rooms. They may also be shut conveniently to provide privacy to the inmates. Such functionality is provided by the light weight of the blinds. It can be quite a tough ask for the home-owners to operate the heavier varieties of blinds, but this is not the case with these types of wooden blinds. These blinds are cost effective and can be afforded within a stipulated budget.

One of the most important features about the wooden Venetian blind is that it is easy to install and in most cases it can be done by the home-owners themselves. But the installation of blinds has to be done properly to assure best functionality. If a blind is not installed properly there are chances that it will get creased and the home-owners will have problems with handling. So below are some tips to install the wooden Venetian blind:

  • Installing the Roller: While buying the wooden Venetian blind make sure that the rollers is of the right width for the window. Whatever be the variety of blinds you choose - bamboo blinds or rustic looking timber blinds, if they do not reach to the end of the window then they will not look good. So make sure that you take measurement of the window first, so that the rollers are of the exact length required. The roller should be anchored properly so that it is not sagging and the shades will not fall out when you are trying to open the window.
  • Installing the Shades: After you have successfully installed the roller you should focus on installing the wooden slats of the blind. There will be many white plastic hooks provided with the package with the help of which you can connect the slats effectively. Insert these slats into the proper channels after having a close look. The installation process varies on the type of slats you are buying – whether they can be cut or not. Those that can be cut should be sized accurately before they are hung. Those slats which can be cut should be bought after taking a proper measurement of the window.

It is only with the help of these tips that you will be able to install the wooden Venetian blind with ease. If the blinds are installed with care they can serve the home-owners with many advantages over a prolonged period of time.

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