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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets and Interior Doors

The kitchen cabinets are going in and look great! There's still some more that need to be installed, but I think Miles is putting those in today (assuming his wife hasn't gone into labor yet!). We got to meet with both Miles and our realtor Courtney James, owner of the fabulous Urban Durham Realty. There are still a few kinks being worked out (mostly with the back yard division) but things are chugging along and it's hard to believe we're only 2 1/2 weeks from closing.

All the cabinets along the wall are attached in this photo. The island is still waiting to get screwed down and will have another cabinet on the side so there is no overhang on the butcher block island. I'm glad that we decided to have this island a little bigger so we have a nice work surface in the center of the kitchen. All the cabinets will get panted white for now, but we might re-paint the island a bright pop of orange to go with the (future) blue walls.

And now with people. Here you can see the cabinet that will finish off the island. The butcher block looks so nice.

Courtney and Nellie checking out the interior paint colors. Courtney loved the decisions we made and convinced us to go with a darker shade in the master bedroom that we'd been waffling on.

We only use the highest technology to figure out light placement. Here, a broom and cardboard box represent the light fixture and kitchen table. We've moved this light more times than I can remember but I think we've got it right now....that is until next time we go to the house and start second guessing it again.

Emon was hard at work getting all the antique doors installed in the house - framing and getting them up on hinges. I think they are going to look great.

Some of the doors have the same pattern, but I'm really into the fact that there are a mix of doors that will add character to the place.

The master bathroom shower now has a concrete foundation and all the parts are in place for the tile to go in which should be happening really soon.

To the untrained eye it might not be super obvious, but the copper flashings are up on the outside. They're radiant right now but will fade to that blue/green weathered copper look in a few weeks. Shhh...don't tell the folks that stole the wiring inside.

I can't resist putting up a photo of the front of the house. All the railings are finished and the retaining wall looks great. The first big project when we move in will be getting the yard landscaped. The joys of home ownership never end I hear but I'm really looking forward to it. Speaking of which - we need to start packing!

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