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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stairways to heaven

With Mark and Liza still in tow, we stopped by the house to see how some of our paint selections looked in the different rooms. Emon was there finishing up some work on the stairs. At this point we sort of feel like kids who really want to go on the "big kid rides" at the fair but have to wait until we're an inch taller to get tossed around in the Zipper of home ownership. We've made so many decisions and have had so many nightmares about terrible plumbing fixtures that we just want to move in! At various points in the last month I've thought or said out loud, "won't this be so much more convenient when we just live here?" We're always in Durham. When friends come to visit we don't even go up the hill to hang out in Chapel Hill. It's just "hop in the car we're going to Durham." I hate wishing time away, but I'm just ready for this foreplay to be over. Lets get this show on the road.

The side stairs have their railings now.

Emon is working on an interesting little lattice work on the side of the front stairs.

Nellie and the Schnittman showing off the color for the hallway. The problem with all these colors is that because the ceilings are so high there's a lot of paint going up. So if these colors are yucky then they are going to be REALY yucky. But I have faith in Sara from Sherwin Williams. And the worst thing that will happen is that they don't work and we have to repaint. Not the end of the world. Now...can I get a corn dog and go on the scrabbler yet or what?

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