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Friday, May 6, 2011

T minus 2 weeks and counting

ONLY 2 WEEKS TIL WE CLOSE! This is a little nuts. We've got the moving truck booked and have an army of suckers....uh...I mean...supportive friends to help us load and unload. Packing boxes have started piling up in our apartment and I'm sure cardboard brown will be in my field of vision for the next month or so. There's still lots of stuff going on at the house. Miles and crew will still be putting on the finishing touches when the moving truck rolls up but we're so excited about all the work and watching all of our choices fall into place. GO!

The moisture vents have been installed on the front skirt of the house.

The doors are in place and Emon is busy getting all the molding up. You can also see the corner plaster molds that Ken and his son Winston made. Brilliant idea and no one will be the wiser once they are painted over - that is, unless you read this blog.

Emon's work is getting closer to being done - some trim work, the siding around the flashings outside, shelves for the laundry room and other closets, and the wood work for the under floor supports we decided to add at the last minute to take some bounce out of the living room and office floors. Luckily he'll be close by working on other projects so we can call him over if we need more carpentry work done. He's always so great to see and he's been on the job since the beginning. I feel like we've really developed a bond with Emon and I would highly recommend him for your carpentry needs. Hopefully we can serve him up some iced tea on our awesome porch on hot days when he's single-handedly restoring the rest of the homes in the area. Awesome and talented dude for sure.

White on black basket weave tile is down in the hallway bathroom.

White on white basket weave tile is down in the master bathroom. Black on white will be going in on the shower floor when the time comes.

The molding is also up around the windows with the same corner plaster pieces.

The kitchen (which is now our favorite room) is coming along. Most of the cabinets are screwed in and waiting for the granite and plumbing fixtures.

Kitchen from another angle. You can see the cabinets on the far wall that will have a matching granite top and will give us lots of extra storage.

Now we just have to decide on door pulls for the cabinets and trust me, there are tons. We saw everything ranging from plain and boring to down right silly - dolphins, frogs, canoes, tree branches, etc., etc. My idea? Get some 20 sided dice and screw those bad boys in. D&D themed kitchen? I don't know if Nellie will go for it.

Nellie and I got busy one night after work putting together a light that we'll be using in the hallway for now. Some assembly required to say the least.

About 2 hours later this is what we came up with. Not as grand as we were hoping but that dog will hunt until we get the energy (and funds) to come up with something more awesome. Maybe we will take our neighbor, Harris, up on his offer to make something similar to what they have in their home. For now, I don't think we can add any more decisions to our plate.

Stay tuned. The next two weeks are going to fly by.

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