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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warming Interior Design Ideas For the Living Room

The Living Room is a very focal point of the home with many different uses, from relaxing to entertaining a number of guests, to an enjoyable evening watching your favourite film. With the different aspects a Living Room can provide, it is always good to keep up to date with modern trends in both d├ęcor and furniture.

Many people do love a feeling of cosiness in their Living Room but combining a sense of sophistication at the same time. Being able to relax and put your feet up is very important with the feeling of comfort and warmth at the same time. Here are some Ideas for when you decide to reorganise or redecorate your Living Room with character and charm.
The colour scheme is very important as this will be a colour you will probably have for several years. You could go for a popular magnolia variation or a darker colour. A popular mid range colour is biscuit coloured paint which provides both a warm hue and the ability to tone well with many different colours of Living Room furniture.

If you have alcoves, these can be an excellent place for cupboards, such as under the stairs if your stairs lead from the Living Room. For a seamless look, look into painting the cupboards the same colour as the walls.

Many people prefer wooden flooring which gives a very traditional look. If your home already has wooden flooring, a simple good clean can bring the wood back to life.

For the television, instead of a cheap beech piece of furniture which can be quite common within homes, look for companies that provide made to measure furniture. These companies can produce any furniture you require, with TV stands incorporating an array of shelves for storing DVD's as well as your Sky or Freeview Box and the perfect width to.

To hide the electronics, lattice doors can be fitted which still let the remote controls of your television work even when they are closed. All this can be Designed and does not need to break the bank.

Second hand furniture from high street stores can be hiding a treasure of aged furniture for the Living Room such as a foot stool to stand in front of your sofa. If needed, pieces of furniture have their fabric replaced easily to give them a new lease of life.

To finish off the Living Room, a coffee table is perfect no matter what size space you have available. With a simple slip cover, any make of wood can be altered to fit in with the complete colour scheme of your Living Room.

To add the cosiness your Living Room, look to add depth with items such as curtains with a material such as that with a soft woven pattern which can look stunning when used as curtains but also with the material used to provide matching cushions for the Room to.

To finish off the Room, look to hang a large mirror above the fireplace which reflects light around the Room with a soft fluffy rug for a warm and welcoming look.

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