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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Comfortable Family Room with the Right TV

Comfort in the family room is also determined by the selection of the type and size of television. Check out this article carefully.

Everyone would know that computer monitors and televisions emit radiation that is not good for the eyes. Do not let your family's eyes hurt just because of watching television (TV).

Well, so comfortable and safe to watch TV in the Family
room, consider this calculation.

The size of TV that is usually in inches, taken from the television screen diagonal length. Well, the ideal viewing distance is about 6x the recommended length of the diagonal TV. For example, television 24 inches requires the ideal distance of about 3.6 meters.

Meanwhile, treatment for type LCD TV is slightly different. Size used is the high screen. Emitted radiation is smaller so that the distance should ideally also differ.

For example, for LCD TV size 35 inches, the recommended ideal distance is about 3 meters. For larger sizes, the ideal distance of the TV and eyes further. Television size 60 inches for example, requires a visibility of about 4.5 to 6 meters.

If you know the recommended minimum distance, then think about the audio problem. If too much is difficult to hear the sounds from your television. Then, when TV used a large, better use of additional loudspeakers placed closer.

So, it can not display any television. The size of the TV must be in accordance with an area of ​​the room. Want style with big TV but the eye is damaged? Not until, deh!

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