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Monday, May 2, 2011

Natural Stone Accents In Family Room

ruang keluarga
We are more often gather in the living room. make the family room is beautiful and attractive, with nature as accents that enhance your appearance.
You do not have to waste time and energy to find a beautiful place just to increase the intimacy between family members. Place only the beautiful natural elements in the family room. One interesting example in this family room. Natural stone mounted on columns arranged nicely so that there is space that can be used as storage and a place to watch TV.

Natural stone and wood combined with brightly colored walls. The mirror on the wall to strengthen the back room full of warmth sensation. Mirror mounted to the ceiling constantly giving the impression that the maximum area.

Downlight each placed between the columns. Effect of light give the sensation of color gradation that strengthen the character of natural stone. Interested?

Let's please apply. It is also important to note are: for the sake of visual comfort, choose the type of natural stone that you really like!

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