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Monday, May 2, 2011

Living Room: Window Super Multifunction finished Solutions

Window yes, could be a seat as well, even tables can, too.Window what the fuck?

This is super multifunctional window in the living room houses the famous architect, Ridwan Kamil. When viewing this photo, maybe you are not sure if this is really a window? More like a seat made ​​of stone, as is commonly encountered on the terrace. Consider once again, you will find a kind of folding doors made ​​from glass. Thus, now you can be sure that what the photograph is indeed a window.

The architect built his house is so creative. This limits the window of the family room with pool area. If you think a la usual, as we often see in the resort or villa, might live for the wide glass windows, plus a sliding door. The window width is good, but unfortunately not multifunctional.

  When viewed as a whole, when the window is closed, the wall looks unique because it consists of three different materials. The top layer of wood lattice, the center is a glass, and stone at the bottom. Aesthetic!

Talk function, when opened, this window could be a low table. We can work with portable computers, or just write a note. View of the outer space, swimming pool, certainly refreshing. Especially in the morning and evening, when the air began to feel cool.

In addition to the desk, this window can also serve as additional seating in the living room, in addition to the sofa. Let's say that while there is a small family party. No need to add seats confused, just open the sliding door, the family can sit around, while enjoying the outside air flowing into. For the small house with limited space, this idea is attractive to apply, although perhaps minus the swimming pool.

This idea can now drop in your home. More exciting again when plus creative ideas from you. Nothing is impossible for a creativity. Whatever the case, there must be a solution. Good luck!


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