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Monday, May 2, 2011

Waterfall on the Wall Bring Nature to Family Room Atmosphere

Where do you usually put waterfalls and plant pots? Most commonly, yes, in the park. Can be in the front garden, side, or rear. How about in the family room, has never been tried?...
Being in this family room is comfortable and fresh. Gurgling sound of water and rows of potted plants  freshness source earlier. Rarely do we find a home that puts water fountains and plant pots in the living room. Usually in the park, which is then given aperture, so that deal directly with a room in the house.

This family room might be inspired to make us more courage to experiment, to bring more elements of nature into the home. Uniting the area outside and inside the house, is one perfect solution to create fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

To make it, simply set aside a bit of land the family room, to make the park. Cover one wall of the area with natural stone. Create a small pond at the bottom, to accommodate the water that comes out of a mini fountain. For the final touch, place a few potted plants. If you wish to view more sweet, may also place the plants flower.

Interested in making it in your living room at home?

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