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Thursday, May 5, 2011


In designing a house, one of the elements that always there is a window. As an opening, a window function as the exit point of the air, continuing the light from outside, and places to see the scenery outside the home.Given the importance of the function of windows, surely need to be considered carefully planning. For example, for position and area of ​​the window. The position should be proportional to the area of ​​the room and adjusted the penetration of light entering in the daytime.Usually, tall windows certainly provide a good spread of light and totally from the outside into the room. Moreover, if the placement of each window not far from each other.Meanwhile, if you choose a window that extends horizontally, confirmed he will be presenting the side toward the light exposure, especially in the area near the window itself. The position of this window is able to offer a good spread of light capable of illuminating the walls and around windows facing each other.If you have a two-story residence, should provide blinds or curtains on the windows in every room upstairs, to help maintain the privacy of people in the shelter.Well, besides that, you should also paid more attention to security factors. The trick, make the height of the wall under the window in the upstairs room at least as high as 120 cm. Alternatively, you can create a safety fence or trellis that can open the lid, which can be applied to no-story residential ones.Note also the scene outside the home. If there is one corner of the house overlooks a garden ornamental pond Atua slick, do not hesitate to modify the area and shape of the window. You can play full-size windows that made up the floor so it can deliver a complete view into the courtyard outside.To sweeten the window, you also can embed blinds or curtains to taste and needs. For example, the curtains in the living room, may be different in kind with Ruan work or your bedroom.Election shutters can be made according creations. Adjust with the concept of occupancy. Suppose the traditional style dwelling, you can embed a frame and wooden shutters and patterned. And from the outside, you can enhance your windows by adding a small canopy at the top of the exterior window frames. Let's maximize the window of your home!

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