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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A nice day.

Our good friends Mark and Liza are down from Boston and of course we had to show off the house. It was a lovely day in Durham. We got to see updated progress at Petty, as well as take an impromptu look inside Natalie and Harris's to see their floor stain. We also made a quick stop in Keith and Adrian's to listen to their sound system since we're looking into speakers for the house. Our soon-to-be-neighbor, James, even insisted on a few quick games of horseshoes. Then it was off to the Sherwin Williams store to find Sara who did a fantastic job of helping us pick our exterior paint colors. She had some great ideas for interior colors and thanks to her we're basically all set. We topped everything off with a nice hike out at the Eno River State Park and awesome tacos at La Vaquita. Radness.

We've become experts at this point at showing off the house.

The retaining wall has it's layer of stucco and the continuation up the stairs is in place.

The stair railing has been redone to meet code requirements and looks very smart.

The deck of the porch has been painted.

The cabinetry and vanities have been delivered and are ready to be installed. Exciting! Well it is for us at least.

I can't wait to see the kitchen come together. Hopefully it won't be too crowded.

These cabinets are a simple shaker style and will get a nice coat of white paint once they go up.

We're looking forward to getting more practice down at the horseshoe pit.

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