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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Drywall, Batman!

WOW! After looking at the house with only 2x4 framing for the past many months it was quite a shock to finally see the rooms laid out with the drywall. It's scary and awesome at the same time. We're constantly amazed at how fast things are moving now. Lots of things still need to happen in the next few weeks but Nellie and I are running out of decisions to make, which is a welcome change to be sure. The last big task for us is picking interior paint colors, which we have managed to put off as long as we can even with a three day weekend. Apologies for the less that stellar photos taken with my phone.

The hallway from the front door. The ceilings are SO high! With the walls up it's easier to get a sense of what things will fit where. Even after the house is done, I'm sure there will be endless projects, including, but not limited to, landscaping, a shed for the back yard, and furniture.

Nellie in the master bedroom. There's still a big opening in the closet that's visible in this photo where the hot water heater will go in above the decorative fireplace.

Master bath. We're going to meet with Miles this week to figure out how we want to work the glass for the shower. Possibly an open walk in shower with a large glass pane or maybe a glass pane with a small door? So maybe we're not done making decisions after all.

Living room view from the hallway and into the kitchen. Hopefully the entryway to the kitchen doesn't seem too much smaller once molding is up. The stack of floor boards should be getting installed this week. Also, the kitchen cabinets come Friday and will likely be installed by next Monday or Tuesday. Like I said, things are happening fast. We can't wait to see the old floors sanded and finished. Supposedly this is a big deal according to all our friends who have done this sort of thing.

Kitchen looking towards the back door. Soon enough there will be cabinets, kitchen island with butcher block, lights, granite, sink, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. All these decisions coming together at last.

Kitchen looking towards the dining area. We're so glad Miles had the idea to vault the ceiling here. I think it looks great and will give some character to kitchen. The ceilings make everyone look tiny in this house.

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