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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photos and Photos and Photos and Photos

Lots of stuff is happening at the house as always. Let's dive right in shall we?

The retaining wall is up and the front stairs have been rebuilt.

Paint from the back. Still waiting to install the copper that will go on the gable returns. Can't wait to see that. You can't see it here but there's also been a concrete slab put down under the back door for a stair down leading into the back yard.

While the post and chain fence isn't completely out, there is a path that has gone in. I think the yard grading is basically over at this point although there is a puddle in the back yard we need to take a look at.

Emon cranked out the front and side steps for the porch. Unfortunately the railing isn't quite up to code and will need a minor tweak, and the board at the bottom of the steps will need to be replaced. But it's a great start!

Side steps off the porch. This will also get a railing matching the front. It's cute cuz they're small.

This side of the retaining wall still needs its concrete filler, but the weather has been touchy this week with all the rain and threat of tornadoes. Hopefully some sun in the next few days will let the guys finish up.

Retaining wall from the other end. And what's that I spy?

Vandalism! All leads point to the Gasch house on this one. We'll have to hire security when the stucco goes on. No cutesy kids stuff on our handsome home, thank you very much.

The paint is looking so good. We've already gotten a ton of compliments on it. I think Emon is the biggest fan which for some reason makes me really happy. There's still some touch up work to do but a lot of the big work is out of the way at this point. If it's kosher with code then the electrical boxes in this photo will get the same green paint to blend into the house as much as possible.

Emon was also banging out the window sills (or window tables? Miles knew the correct term). They're looking great and I'm still amazed at how much of the work Emon has done on this house all by his lonesome. He's an awesome person to have on board--always smiling and nice to chat with even though I know he's got to be tired from all his hard work.

All the new flooring is basically in with some minor detail work needing to be done. Now we just have to decide if we go au naturel with the floors or stain them. I think we're leaning toward natural but we don't want the floors too blonde. Eh...we'll see.

Tiles for the bathrooms is here and ready to go down.

Not an exciting picture, I know, but this little box will be installed inside the shower wall and tiled over for inset shelves. Again we're copying the Clapp-Ferguson boys but theirs looks so awesome we just couldn't resist.

New floor in the kitchen. We also dropped off the sink which weights a ton (actually about 130 lbs.) so the granite guys can install it when they finish the counters.

Kitchen from the other side. The dry wall guys really did a great job finishing. The seams are super smooth. Nice work fellas.

And I call this piece "The Struggle for Definition Under a Tidal Wave of Ennui." Seriously, if the walls were painted all white and a bunch of sobs were standing around drinking bad white wine, I could see this as a art installation piece in a fancy museum. It's breathtaking.

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