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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guest Post: How basement remodeling will affect your resale value

It is indeed a fact that the get up or the make over of our domicile or abode matters a lot to us. Though it does matter as a whole, there are certain specific areas or cornered spheres in the same which make a lot of difference, irrespective of whether we stay over there or try to sell it either. As a matter of fact, people opt for remodeling their home by capitalizing the space therein. Being a matter of value addition, it goes without saying that it incurs some investment. But the remodeling project ensures a potent impact on the qualitative or quantitative percentage of returns you expect from the same.

Speaking of remodeling certain areas of the house, the first and foremost place which should be taken care of is the basement. The basement forms an integral part of a house but most of the people use it as a place of storage piling up useless things therein where everything just catches dust or mold. The basement if taken care of can uplift the look of the house as a whole. In this context, the bathroom too takes a place in striking the specific requirements.Remodeling takes a lot of planning and expertise, which when executed aptly adds a lot of value to the way the house actually looks.

The basement of a house can be used for anything a normal area of a house can be capitalized for. This is just to be kept in mind when expressing what you want to the contractor that the basement should be used for some unique place in the house in itself which can make it perfect to be a distinct or separate sphere of the entire house.

The basement can be used for a basement home gym. It is an awesome way to keep fit without over lapping the activities going around the house. Moreover, it is easy to to maintain a specific schedule for the work out without fighting for arranging and rearranging the equipments. The basement can even work as an convenient and utility bathroom because water pipes can have an easy access to that area. Moreover, for a non-nuclear family an additional bathroom can tend to be a life saver. If we think of working at our home in a calm and pleasant environment, the basement can well work as a remedy space. Since the basement gives a different feel in comparison to the rest of the house, it is indeed a very good idea of settling a somewhat peaceful and composed ‘office away from office’. The basement can as well work as an entertaining spot for the guests. A pool table, couch accompanied by a hanging plasma tv does set it all perfect when you set with your friends and colleagues in the basement bar. Apart from all these, the basement can also be entitled to the children for their playroom. With a proper planning, if all the exciting toys are arranged in the space and asking the contractor to make the basement flooring relatively warm, nothing can get better accompanied by the fact that the surfaces will be durable and and the bright flooring will tend to be beautiful for a long run of time.

To cap it all, it can be said that though renovation takes a lot of toil and investment, it leaves the house better off for the owner and the down the liner purchaser. It goes without saying that the value addition which takes place by means of the remodeling does enrich the resale value of the property. The owners of the house who remodel their property do provide a service to the future buyers which at the same time make it easy for the middlemen to market the same. Visit Sky Line Builders to know more about bathroom and basement remodeling rochester ny

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