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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summary of "How to Apply for Interior Design Jobs"

You have recently graduated from your interior designing course and you'd want to find the right jobs for you. The first few steps in finding interior design jobs can be quite hard but once you break into the industry, you will have an easier time finding your clients.

But before you start immediately working for a client you will need to have some experience first. It is very different studying interior decorating and making layouts as a project as opposed to working with a client one on one. And if you want to apply for one, you will need as much experience as you can.

The first thing you can do after graduation is to apply as an intern in a designing company. As an intern, you will gain a lot of knowledge and experience of how a designer works. Not only that, your supervisors and designers will gladly bring you on board if they are designing a house as they will need the extra hand. Such experience can be very helpful to you and your eye for interior designing will broaden. You can include your experience as an intern in your resume when you are applying for interior design jobs.

The next thing is to make your own resume and portfolio. In your resume, you will need to put all the educational and work background you have in details. With your portfolio, you will need to showcase all the works you have done starting from your college years and your work as an intern. Most often, companies who are opening designer jobs will base your application on your sample works so make sure you make a portfolio to showcase your talent.

If you already have your resume and portfolio, it is time to search for the job. Although you always have the option to be a freelance designer, it will be best to start off with a company as you will still need to build your network and make a name for yourself. You can search for interior design jobs online and through the newspaper. Once you see a company looking for designers, immediately submit your resume and wait for a call. You will be screened and interviewed at first. In the process, they will also ask you for your portfolio to make sure you have some experience in interior designing already.

Once you have been accepted in the company, it is time to build your network if you are planning to go freelance soon. With a company, you will only get a portion of the service fee for the project you are working on. But the company is the one who will take care of looking for clients. Now, you can build your network by making your name known. Do a good job and make sure your client likes your work, this way; they can promote your name through word of mouth and make referrals. After this, you can start doing freelance and find clients on your own. Applying for interior design jobs is very simple as long as you have the experience and a portfolio to show your talent.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tommy_C_Anderson


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