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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Toyota Yaris 2011

The 2011 Toyota Yaris subcompact leverages light weight and modest power to achieve hybrid-like fuel economy. How does 29 mpg in the city and 35 on the highway sound? And that’s with automatic transmission and room for four adults. The 2011 Yaris is treated to some new colors and like all Toyotas – recalled or not – receives an electronic brake-override system. Prices for the 2011 Yaris start at a friendly $13,615. As the most desirable models tickle $16,000, however, you’ll need confidence in your priorities to resist the call of a larger car.
Should you buy a 2011 Toyota Yaris or wait for the 2012 Toyota Yaris?  If you’re on a strict budget and need a new small car today, the 2011 Yaris won’t disappoint. The 2012 Yaris isn’t apt to get any compelling new features, but if you can wait for it you’ll be better positioned to compare Toyota’s smallest car against some compelling new rivals. One is the Ford Fiesta, which actually debuted as a 2011 model. Fiesta is impressive but can get a little pricey, easily costing $2,000-$3,000 more than a roughly comparable Yaris. The real rival for your attention is certain to be the all-new 2012 Hyundai Accent. Accent is already the best-seller in the subcompact class and Hyundai hopes to pad to its lead with the redesigned 2012 version.

Base prices for the 2011 Toyota Yaris increase an average of $250, reflecting a boost of about 2 percent over 2010 Yaris starting prices. Base price range for the 2011 Toyota Yaris is $13,615-$15,175 (Base prices in this review include the manufacturer’s mandated destination fee. Toyota’s fee for the 2011 Yaris is $760 for 2009, but Toyotas sold in some Southeastern and Gulf states are delivered by independent distributors and may carry different destination fees.)
Base price for the 2011 Toyota Yaris two-door hatchback is $13,615 with the five-speed manual transmission and $14,425 with the four-speed automatic. The 2011 Toyota Yaris four-door hatchback starts at $13,915 with manual transmission and at $14,715 with automatic.
Base price for the 2011 Toyota Yaris sedan is $14,375 with manual transmission and $15,175 with automatic.
Among key 2011 Toyota Yaris options, the Convenience Package adds $840-$960 depending on model and transmission and includes the audio system with satellite radio capability and the split/folding rear seatback; on the hatchback, the rear seatback reclines and the rear seat itself slides fore and aft several inches to prioritize e cargo or passenger space.   
The Power Package adds $1,525-$1,780 to a 2011 Yaris, depending on body style. It includes all the Convenience Package items, plus remote keyless entry, power mirrors and power door locks and windows with power driver’s-window auto down. Combined with alloy wheels the Power Package adds $1,915-$2,095, depending on body style.
The Sport Package option is priced at $2,665-$2,845, depending on body style, and includes the aforementioned special exterior and interior trim. Combined with alloy wheels the Sport Package costs $3,055-$3,235, depending on body style, and includes the USB iPod cable interface.



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