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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High End Interior Designers

We are based in Johannesburg and KZN with ample experience abroad. Heigh Interior Designers and Architects offer clients a broad & flexible service, which can be tailor‐made and entirely adapted according to their project desires and personal wishes. Our design proficiency and executive awareness allow the team at to fruitfully expedite any project and create an intelligent space with a sustainable centre. A few of the many services include Project Analysis, Space and Strategic Planning, Creative Design, Interior Design, Shop fitting and Project Implementation.
Heid Interior Design is known for their gracious, green and timeless elegant touch in all their projects. As experts and highly qualified designers and architects they have a genial influence on space with their affection and knowledge of natural textures such as wood, stone, reinforced concrete and compressed bamboo- and an infallible grasp of form and function. We interpret our clients' requirements in a bespoke style which showcases Heid's modern, expressionistic fingers with a temperate, rural, expressionistic influence. Heid Interior Design understands that each area of business is unique and is therefore geared in their thought process and tailor their services to the clients' individual desires for their space.

Heid has ample experience in high end commercial and retail design and architecture with many years experience abroad and locally. Heid Interior Architects takes pride in offering their clients a comprehensive solution in the implementation of the entire project. Contact us for more information.

Retail projects

Heid Interior Design largely takes the retailer- customer relation in to consideration. We have an elite sense of taking the retailers concepts and executing it with a high-end gracious interior. We are highly sentient to the your business and your customers acuity toward the retail space. Not only do we envision an independent, striking space, but we also take the target market of the retail space into concern. We take a heightened interest in the symbolism and simplicity of materials and lay-out concepts which defines the retailers apparition and aptly communicates this to the customer. Contact us for more information on our retail design services.

Residential projects

Heid Interior Design, spends ample time with the client to thoroughly grasp the clients desires, approaching every project with a strapping awareness of the persona, desires and functionality of the clients dream. Noticeably conscious that the clients needs have to be met with precision and sensitivity. We meet the clients' requests, in style, and with acute personal integration. Our residential projects have confirmed to be gracious and artistic. Here at Heid Design we meet all requirements with genial high-end grace, but keeping textures and materials in mind, keeping it close to the client's personal aspirations of creating their residential abode.

Hospitality projects

Heid Designers have a spot of niche on declaring an absolute individual stamp on the design of their clients space. Delicately incorporating modern expressionism and high end d├ęcor; complimenting rural textures and natural grace, without being too overwhelming. We have taken high-end class to a state of functionality with an affair of artistic blaze. This graces and enables them with the gift of being able to step into and embark on, any project, without taking away the clients needs and requirements and with this adding genial style and an electric grasp of space, form and meaning. With an authentic relation to spatial resurrection and the clients voice.


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