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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Add It To The Nursery Wish List...

Cough, cough. My computer (still under seige - I am on a temp right now which causes some procrastination) is not the only thing sick in the Strong household at the moment. It seems my maiden hair fern decided it no longer wanted to live in this world and kicked the bucket. It may look lively in this picture, but it is actually very dead. R.I.P. little fern, you made it a couple of months which is good all things considered.Which brings me to this little fun thing that I want to add to my wish list for Baby Strong's nursery...

I came across it on Daily Candy today and I think it would be so cute on a shelf somewhere. No, I haven't even started on his future home, yet here I am looking at a planter for the nursery. Where are my priorities and who puts a plant in a kids room? Oh, I do. And a plant like the one shown would probably met a much a better fate than my poor Maiden Hair.

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