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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Client Moving...Exciting Times Ahead

A client I am so very fond of (who lives in Memphis) is getting married and will be moving into a new home soon. We were discussing the new house and it is so exciting to continue what we started. Here are some pictures of what we have been working on in her current house (I swear before she leaves I am going to get better pictures).For example, these pictures do not show how gorgeous her bedding really is or the pretty rug in this room. The lights will be coming with us, we are both still obsessed.
The ceiling was one of my favorite parts of this room...
I love to think about the new house knowing what great pieces are coming from the old house. Every piece we chose we made sure would last for a long time and transition into other spaces. Remember how much I loved this artist? Her art collection, including this John Robinette beauty, is quite impressive.
More art I love... lamps, side tables, pillows, you all are coming as well...hop in the Uhaul.
This may be a dud of a picture but it holds so much goodness. When I get a better picture I will explain what is above the sofa, very cool. The sofa itself is a long time love of mine- linen perfection. Also hard to see is the skirted table, it turned out so well I can't wait to find a new home for it.
More to come as we get ready for the move...

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