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Saturday, April 9, 2011


So this post isn't so much about the house itself but the awesome neighborhood that we'll soon be a part of.

We started off the day by picking out a few more lighting things at Pine State Lighting - under counter lights, fans, flood lights - nothing super sexy but necessary.

Then, we headed over to Carlton Ave to pitch-in scrapping paint off of a neighbor's house who got a bit behind on their exterior maintenance. Several members of the neighborhood organized this and it feels great to be moving into a community that throws down for each other when we need to.

At the paint scraping, we met Jayme who quickly befriended us and took us over to her house to meet her farm-house-friends. She keeps several ducks, with new ones currently hatching. She also has a large collection of rascally rabbits. We got to meet the whole crew and I'm looking forward to some fresh duck eggs when we move in. We've already met so many cool people in the neighborhood and we don't even live there yet! See below for proof of the cuteness.

In the afternoon, we walked over to enjoy the latest addition to the downtown Durham food scene - Bull City Burger and Brewery. I'd like to place emphasis on the word WALKED! Leaving Boston for the dirty dirt is great in a lot of ways - we can actually afford a nice house here, we don't have to deal with 8 months of depressing winters, and people are generally a bit nicer here. The things we miss are all our close friends, Nellie's folks (but they are soon to be part-time Asheville, NC residences), and being able to walk places. The Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood sits right on the edge of downtown Durham, which is popping these days. With lots of local hangout spots, a movie theater, the downtown Y, and some hot new restaurants, being this close to downtown is really filling that void of being able to get out and walk and not having to drive every time we want to go out to eat or catch a flick.

After a fat-tastic lunch with Jayme and Matt, we headed over to another relatively new hot joint - Fullsteam Brewery - for a ping pong tournament that we knew some of our friends were competing in. I did manage to sign up for the tournament but got destroyed in the first round. Alas.

Over all a great day and we're headed back tomorrow to go to the SEEDS Community Garden for their annual Pie Social. Seeing as we had pies at our wedding instead of cake, and SEEDS is literally right across the street from our new house, this is pretty perfect.

To recap - we're not only super stoked about our new home but this awesome neighborhood and proximity to so much rad stuff downtown. Thanks for reading.

Jayme and one of her lovely ducks.

Ducks apparently are great at living in an urban environments and because the boy ducks don't crow like roosters you can have males and let them make more ducks.

BABY BUNNIES! These little handfuls of love are so ridiculously cute it's a little hard to handle.

Baby with mom and pop in the background. Cute and future-ly delicious. MWAHAHA!

These bunnies brought back memories of Nellie's rabbit Huckleberry from her childhood. I had to check her pockets when we left to make sure she wasn't trying to sneak off with one; although, I'm sure our cats Sampson and Frenchie wouldn't have minded a fuzzy little snack.

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