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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interior Design Styles Through the Ages

When it comes to redecorating there are a number of different styles that can be employed in the home. When actually choosing a particular style it is important to take into consideration the style of the building and any existing features, as well as the overall look and feel that you want to create. The key aspects of the most common interior styles are discussed below.

The classical style is one that exudes sophistication and is particularly suited to Georgian style properties due to the architectural details these buildings boast. This style is very refined, which is communicated through both the formal layouts that advocates of this style typically employ and the graceful lines followed in the period style furniture. Conveying a sense of orderly elegance, this style is particularly suited to those who enjoy a more disciplined environment whilst indulging their strong appreciation of good taste.

The country style is an 'easy' style in that it creates a very relaxing environment that one can feel at ease in. Unlike the classical style, county style is very informal through the mixing and matching of various colours and fabrics which combine to create a 'homely' environment. Whilst a very welcoming style and particularly suited to cottage style properties, with its focus on bright floral and check style patterns and a much less disciplined approach in its application, it is less suited to those who prefer a more refined, muted and logical home.

Contemporary encompasses a breadth of styles, but generally focuses on creating a modern environment that is simple and rational in its application. This style follows straight, clean lines through the furniture designs used, whilst conveying a feeling of space through the application of lighter colours. Streamlined and organised, this style communicates the environment of someone that is neat and well organised and appreciates efficiency in their life.

The dramatic style is very bold which is communicated through the use of strong colours and the theme being applied. Very individual in design, the dramatic style can create a strong sense of occasion and by its very nature demands attention. Opulence is conveyed through the fabrics used, rich colours employed and ornate furniture installed. It can however, potentially be an overpowering style and hard to live with on a daily basis resulting in a potentially short life span for those who employ it.

Global style permits the introduction of other cultures into the interior environment through employing the use of textures and fabrics that are clearly connected with the country concerned. As with the dramatic style, certain global themes followed through faithfully could become very theatrical and hard to live with on an ongoing basis. Global styles which are applied sensitively and harmonise with existing surroundings however, can add both an unusual and different perspective to one's surroundings.

'Eclectic' covers a whole array of interior styles where 2 or more styles are applied in the same room or area. An eclectic interior may consist of different styles of furniture being placed next to each other, or perhaps incorporating the use of modern style fabrics on a period piece of furniture to give it a more contemporary feel. Unlike the country style which is more about mix and match, eclectic interiors are often either consciously employed or alternatively evolve. Many modern homes will exhibit some degree of the eclectic approach in their application, as people try to balance modern day conveniences with family heirlooms. Eclectic interiors can assist in making an environment look less 'staged' whilst at the same time making them very personal to the individual concerned. Eclectic interiors need to be thought out carefully however, as there are times when things simply do not work especially when seeking a balanced approach.

Halina Sroka

Halina Sroka is the owner of Anuhya Interior Collection www.anuhyacollection.com, an on-line boutique specialising in contemporary home accessories and furniture. Uniqueness is at the core of Anuhya and our range consists of many one-off pieces that you would not find elsewhere, appealing to those of you looking for something completely individual and special.

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