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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plumbing Fixtures

This whole process was a lot more involved and stressful then we were expecting, but I think we're done! Below are photos of some of the choices we made. None of these things are actually installed yet, but we're done picking stuff out so Miles can place the orders and have the fixtures ready when the time comes. Sorry, I'm having trouble coming up with witty things to say about plumbing fixtures so this post is pretty dry and straight, no chaser.

We went with the Delta "Leland" line in the bathroom. This decision was partly dictated by our plumber using Delta universal valves for the rough-in, but honestly, it was sort of awesome to have that decision made for us. When you have a million options to consider, sometimes having a smaller locus of control makes things much more simple. Overall, we're very pleased with the decision regardless of what some snotty sales person in Raleigh had to say.

In this photo, just focus on the sink. We decided to go with the Kohler Anthem under-mount. It's a cast iron sink and there was lots of back and forth on our part about which way to mount it, but we think this will look nice with the darker granite counter tops. Also, I never thought I'd spend so much time obsessing over garbage disposals, but hopefully Consumer Reports will steer us right - Waste King is what we went with if you're curious.

For the kitchen faucet, we decided to go with something kind of big and bold - hopefully it pays off and doesn't look horribly out of place. There are basically an unlimited amount of fixtures for the kitchen sink and reviews range all over the place. This one had mostly great reviews, and seems to be solidly made, so we're going with it. Decision finalized! It's the Danze single handle pull down and yes you can even watch a video! I'm overly aware of how ridiculous it is to post a video of a faucet, but the fact that the video even exists in this world sort of meant that I had to post it. So enjoy that sweet sweet faucet action, folks.

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