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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scouting for Interior Design Ideas? Use the Modern Style!

odern interior design ideas may seem like a simple design to the untrained eye but that is quite a misnomer. This particular interior deign style encompasses a lot of concepts and even, incarnations of different modern styles. It is usually characterized by sleek, polished surfaces, straight lines and highlights organization and a clutter - free environment. Even with such an array of different facets, there exists some commonalities to this type of style that can complimentary be used together.

The Modernism Movement

The modernism movement is associated with free and modern thinking. Starting out as a movement involving pure intellect, its effects began to domino effect into our lives. [to overflow and made this domino effect into our lives.] Be it, music, art, or architecture – almost every aspect of design and art was touched by modernism, and including interior design ideas. Sub genres of modern style are loosely referred to as futurism, Neo-data, Bauhaus, cubism, abstract, minimalism, and expressionism. Themes

Basic themes of modern interior design ideas include, but are not limited to, clean and straight linear designs; materials made of steel, chrome, bronze, and other metals similar in structure and appearance; utilization of the simplicity of minimalism; minimal level of clutters in terms of accessories; neutral primary colors used both for backdrops and for accentuating.

Given the basic themes of modernism, the application then rests on the owner to play with the great variation of the style and find out what works best. Like two opposite ends of a spectrum, one side consists of minimalistic styles to have that starker concept appeal, while the opposite end is more concerned to bold and vibrant colors like abstract pieces of art. The decision must not be based on a clear cut dichotomy. But instead, based on your keen judgment on what would make your house a perfect compliment to the "perfect gradient" of the spectrum.

To help you have a concrete idea on the various trends of this interior design idea, take note of the following:

Scandinavian Lines

This approach is oriented to functionality, minimalism, and natural materials. What makes this approach very in-demand is the versatility in its ability to be easily paired with other traditional pieces like antiques or rustic cabinets. Most Scandinavian accessories are also cheap and easily accessible. In fact, IKEA sells tons of them. Try applying such to your bedroom design ideas by pairing a Scandinavian line with your antique bed or wardrobe.

Bespoke Touches

This term refers to custom made products, designed according to what the buyer specified. Bespoke touches add up that "personal input" to your interior design ideas, enabling the buyer to show his or her artistic side. When applying such, make sure to settle for subtle bespoke touches, e.g. covered buttons and refined fabrics on your living room design ideas, as to not overwhelm the overall design of the space.

Multi-Use Pieces

Add flexibility to your interiors by using multi-functional pieces. For example, in your game room designs, add storage cabinets that can hold virtually anything from controllers, DVDs, outlets, even the console itself but can double as an additional piece to the overall design of the room. In dining kitchen design ideas, ottomans that are doubled from storage cubes is a wise decision. Other examples of multi-use pieces are sofa beds, nesting tables, large capacity cabinets, and the like.

The modern style is not limited to the above-stated concepts. Modernism is so flexible that it includes various forms. For all we know, you might even have a concept named after you!

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