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Friday, April 15, 2011

Up on the roof top...

The roof is basically done! Which happened super fast. We went over last night thinking we'd get to see it while it was still in progress but all the shingles are now up. At this point, there are still a few trim things to be finished, but the whole process only took 3 days!
This "in progress" shot is courtesy of our friend, Matt, who stalks our house taking photos for us. Here you can see the sheeting that went down under the shingles. Towards the back of the roof there is some extra water and ice shielding between the gables.

Click this photo (or any for that matter) to see the new roof in all its glory! Also worth noting - here are two fellows scrapping paint on the side of the house. Miles says there will be about 2 weeks of prep before the house gets its new paint job.

Roof from the back. The giant stump is supposedly being ground down today, which will let Miles and the crew get back to work grading the back yard. While they have the bobcat, they will also be grading the front yard so that the new retaining wall can go up. Things are going to start happening fast!

A giant piece of the old metal roof that Miles suspects was original to the house.

Emon (the beast) knocking out some of trim work around the roof. Miles explained all of this to me in great detail yesterday but I forget the details of where, for example, "hot dipped" nails are being used or whatever that even means. Maybe he can chime in below in the comments.

I had a little experience scraping paint last weekend and it is not an easy or fun job. Seeing that these guys probably worked all day, where as I only worked about an hour, I give them much props.

The newly sloped part of the roof from the inside.

The direct tv dish is also finally down! Not going to miss this little eye sore.

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