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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why You Should Think About Getting a Window Replacement

Advantages of Window Replacement

Many homeowners barely think of the day when they need to replace their windows. After all the time spent in selecting a home or constructing the blueprints for one, there is very little thought that goes into wondering, Should I go ahead and purchase a window replacement?

In fact, window replacements give homes numerous practical benefits that only begin with saving costs insulating themselves as well as providing light and protection against rain and storms. Windows are made of glass, which means they are one of the most vulnerable components of your home’s exterior and certainly liable to breaking and damage.

There are more advantages in window replacement:

· Upgrade the value of your home. The same way you probably wouldn’t have purchased a home with broken/old windows is exactly why upgrading your windows equates to upgrading your entire home. Many older homes in particular have single-pane windows, which are thinner and consequently, much weaker than modern double-pane window replacements. When every part of your home is as strong as it can be, the better it will appreciate and sell later when you move on in life

· Save heating costs. The main reason why homeowners turn to window replacements is to save energy and costs. Most window replacement options come with double panes that double the effort in keeping outside temperatures at bay while shielding the desired indoor temperature. With oil prices skyrocketing to no limits, the time to cut energy costs needs to begin now.

· Save energy with Energy Star certification. Energy-saving windows have left some skeptical about the veracity of benefits homeowners actually receive. With that in the mind, the U.S. Department of Energy has set up Energy Star, a label that is placed on all home improvement products to certify that it meets the standards of the federal agency and makes a significant impact on cutting energy usage. To quote the agency, Energy Star windows have been “independently certified to perform at levels that meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines.” This means Energy Star-certified windows are of the highest quality and most effective in ensuring lower energy costs, higher resistance to sun damage, and increased comfort in the home.

· Opportunity for new designs. Replacing a window may seem like a huge hassle, but this is a great opportunity to seize the moment and embrace change. Given the conditions, windows naturally withstand years, but it also means the design never changes. Getting a window replacement is the perfect chance to get the window design you may have always wanted, but could never find a good enough excuse to purchase them. Now is your chance to not only get new window panes, but design a new framing and create a new appearance for your home.

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