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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Information About Adirondack Chair Kits

Individuals who own or have rented summer homes most likely have seen Adirondack chairs. These chairs were the creation of Thomas Lee way back in 1903 for his and his family's enjoyment in the Adirondack mountain range. Lee then shared the chair's design with his carpenter friend Harry Bunnel, who underhandedly secured a patent for it behind Lee's back. Despite its inauspicious origins, his invented chair today not only epitomizes the outdoor life, it has earned the distinction of being a truly American creation.

The unique construction of the Adirondack chair makes it perfect for outdoor use. The seat and the backrest have been designed to provide maximum comfort regardless of the type of surface. In fact, these chairs can be easily set up even on slopes. The latest chair styles come with slotted back legs so that you can adjust the inclination of the backrest. Adirondack chairs have become visible fixtures around swimming pools, giving swimmers a comfortable spot to get a tan under the sun or to just sit and relax while reading a good book.

Although Thomas Lee's patented chairs are popular outdoor furniture, they are bulky and cumbersome to bring along when going on a summer holiday. Thanks to modern innovations, it is now available in the form of Adirondack chair kits. Over the years, these kits have been increasing in popularity. Unlike traditional Adirondack chairs which are often expensive, these kits are more affordable. Plus, since they come in compact packs, these chair assemblies are very portable and can be taken anywhere.

Most Adirondack kits are convenient to assemble. A kit consists of the necessary parts, complete instructions, and the necessary tools. Even people with little to no handyman skills can put together these chair kits with relative ease.

There are many different types of Adirondack kits, based on the individual's needs and/or preferences. The most basic chair kit only comes with the basic wooden parts. Since the kit does not have any tools, you will have to use your own tools to assemble them. In fact, some of the wooden parts still have that rough feel to them so that you will need to use sandpaper and varnish to finish the job. Because of this, the basic Adirondack chair kit is not advisable for people who don't have the carpentry skills. They are also not advisable for individuals suffering from allergies because of the sawdust that will be formed during the chair's assembly.

Higher end kits allow people to assemble their Adirondack chairs with a minimum of effort and fuss. Each wooden part has already been smoothed by sandpaper and varnished. Aside from the instructions, some kits come with special tools. In the case of plastic Adirondack chairs, each part has slots and pegs, allowing for easy "snap-on" assembly.

Chair kits can be found for the many Adirondack chair variations. These include Adirondack loveseats and children's chairs. Go to your local hardware or furniture store or surf online for the various Adirondack chair kits that are available.

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