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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robbin' and Stealin'

So the world of home building is not always rainbows and butterfly kisses. I feel it's important to present the good and the bad so here goes a bit of bad.

While Miles and crew are up in the clouds working on the roof this week some low life decided to slither into the crawl space, break into the floor, and relieve the job site of some wiring last night. The value of precious metals, including the copper in a lot of wiring, has been going up - we've all seen the cash for gold ads. Some people might be yanking out their grandmothers fillings to pay the bills - others, like our charmer, are aiming a little lower.

Overall it's not the end of the world. Ken assured us that it only sets things back a day or two at most, but I can't help but be a little miffed at who ever decided a few bucks in wire was worth the frustration and insecurity their actions caused. Not to mention that no one involved in the project has cash to burn on extra supplies. You, dear reader, are not to blame. I don't mean to come across hostilely. I'm just venting a little of my anger in a public form. Have no fear - this petty crime will not get the best of us.

On an upbeat note - Miles and crew are making great progress with the roof! He sent the photo below over yesterday showing the guys installing the ice and water shield in that newly sloped portion of the roof between the gables. Take that, nature!

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