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Monday, October 11, 2010

Changes- A New Top For An Old Coffee Table

Lately I have been wanting to make some changes to our house, nothing major, just a little shake up. Over the next few months I plan on doing several changes here and there. The first room will be our living room.
We have had our coffee table for almost 4 years now. I love it. Love Love Love. However, when I was looking at what I could change I kept coming back to it.
Since we (it is one of the pieces in our house that Patrick loves as much as I do) love the table I wanted to do a quick fix that could later be quickly reversed. I decided to give an upholstered top a try. This was the fabric I really wanted to use....
But someone who will not be name, ahem, vetoed it so I went with a more subdued gray quilted faux leather.
So far I am really liking it. This was just the first step. I need to go back and fix the corners but I wanted to see if this was even doable. As of right now the leather is wrapped around the edges and then stapled to the bottom of the table. Next I am going to add nail head around the sides. I am still debating exactly how I want to do this but I will keep you posted. I am thinking large nails either on the side or maybe even on the top...
Here is what it looks like with everything put back on top. So far, so good but there is still work to be done...you know those corners are already bothering me...

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