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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is that the Lowest Hawaii Condo price?

Aloha and welcome to our Hawaii bargains!
Current Hawaii vacation rental bargains for this fall season 2010 are the lowest I've seen. Please, don't expect the same deals for the Hawaii holiday season and high season months January and February 2011, when everybody on the Mainland wants to get out of their winter misery for a Hawaii vacation in sunny warm Hawaii. If you want to visit Hawaii for the holidays, NOW is your last chance to find a nice Hawaii vacation home.

For many of you, Hawaii is not only of interest for a short vacation in the sun but the idea of having a Hawaii vacation escape at hand when needed is more than tempting. Those dreams have become a reality, especially with Hawaii condo prices at Kihei Maui condo resorts have having come down. However, a lot of the buyers are still waiting for the 'lowest Hawaii condo price' in the Hawaii Real Estate 'game' or consider even a condo 'short sale'.

Even though we are not Hawaii realtors, we like to write about Hawaii real estate because it's closely connected with 'Best Hawaii vacations'. And when we see a bargain, we love to share it with you. Here is a buying bargain for a Hawaii resort condo on the island of Molokai. The owner has just lowered the price by $30,000 to an impressive $189,000.

Hawaii Molokai Resort Condo for Sale!

Stunning Ocean Views from Molokai CondoIf you want to know more about this Molokai resort condo, go visit my post 'Hawaii Condo for Sale' from 2009 for more information and photos of the condo. Question everybody searching for a Hawaii condo for sale deal has to ask and answer himself "Is that the lowest Hawaii condo price for a resort condo will go?"

If you are interested in this Hawaii condo in Molokai, please, email us with subject line ' Hawaii condo for Sale' and we will connect you with the condo owner. Aloha, Pua, Hawaii Vacations

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