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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love The One You're With-Flip Flops & Pearls

Today's "Love The One You're With" post comes from one of my favorite people- Jade from Flip Flops & Pearls. I had always loved Jade in the blog world and then I met her in NYC and it really was like we were old friends. I will be sure to have Jade back once she is in her new house....

When Marianne asked me to be a part of her "Love the One You're With" series, I couldn't say no! First, I absolutely adore Marianne and second, it gave me a chance to look around my own house with a new approach. Instead of focusing on the million things I want different, I got to choose the things I love and wouldn't part with.

The first thing is the rug at my front door. I have had it since my husband and I got married and it was kind of like my first real "big girl" purchase. Before I started design school, I will honestly say I had no clue about quality in home decor. I will admit I purchased a lot based on price (the cheaper the better) so what I ended up with fit just fine for the short term, but was ultimately thrown out because it didn't last or I hated it after a few months. This rug signified the shift in me, where I started making smarter, longer lasting purchases. I now know in almost everything a good, quality product will stand the test of time.The second thing I love in my home is this painting from Costa Rica. My husband and I bought it on our honeymoon in a small little shop and I love everything about it! The colors, the rustic frame, as well as it being the perfect compromise between my sportsman hubby and me. He gets a fish on the wall, I can look at something tasteful as opposed to some of his original choices!
The last thing I love in my home is the lantern hanging at my front door. Our builder had selected a run of the mill, standard ceiling fixture and that thing had to go ASAP!!
Thanks Marianne and her readers for letting me share the stuff I love in my home!

Thanks again Jade, I love your picks, especially the fish!

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